Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo

Friday, June 3, 2011


1. What is BEX Barter EXchange?

BEX is a service oriented trade exchange company in the Philippines that facilitates bartering of goods and services among local businesses to increase their sales, cash flow and profit with the use of Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money as a medium of exchange. BEX functions primarily as the organizer of a marketplace/platform wherein members buy and sell products and services among themselves.
2. How does BEX Barter work?

BEX Barter members use Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money instead of cash to do business together. A member is given an account and it works similarly to a debit or credit card. Members earn Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money when they sell and use Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money to buy products and services they needed for their businesses. Members can use their Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money for payment in hotel rooms, resorts, restaurants, advertising, printing and many other goods and services in the network. BEX is a third party record keeper and acts as an administrating body of each transaction. Members receive a monthly statement reflecting their sales, purchases and current balance.
3. What is the value of a Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money ?

1 Philippine peso = Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money


  1. Hi!!! If i'm not mistaken,,BEX is the first and only barter company here in Philippines.. Other Countries have been already using this barter system years ago and its good that we have already this kind of facility in our own country..

  2. Yes that's true ,BEX Barter exchange Philippines, we are the pioneer .. and our mission is to educate all businesses in the Philippines about this "new system of bartering platform using trade credits"...BART

  3. Nabubo ako talaga Bart, hahaha. Until now diko pa rin makuha.