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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The first ever episode of "Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo" Television show at RHTV DZRH

Congratulations to Bex Barter Exchange Team! Watch online or Channel 9 of cable television the television show of "Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo" at RHTV DZRH every Saturday from 10:30am-11:30am.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Good news!  The number one AM radio station in the Philippines, DZRH has now expanded into television broadcast, which is RHTV. With this medium, RHTV is reaching greater heights by providing information and public service to more Filipinos nationwide through clear digital satellite signal.  RHTV can also be enjoyed by our ‘Kababayan’s abroad through RHTV free internet TV.

PINOY SWAPPING BARTER NEGOSYO! A weekly show by Bex Barter Exchange Co., for businessmen/entrepreneurs/traders every Saturday at 10:30-11:30 will be airing soon at RHTV DZRH Television.
BEX Barter Exchange is a service oriented trade exchange company in the Philippines that facilitates bartering of goods and services among local businesses to increase their sales, cash flow and profit with the use of Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money as a medium of exchange. BEX functions primarily as the organizer of a marketplace/platform wherein members buy and sell products and services among themselves

Be part of this great venture and become one of our advertisers!  We have different packages that will suit your budget in getting the maximum exposure to reach more audiences nationwide.

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Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo at RHTV DZRH Television

Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo at RHTV DZRH Television

Friday, October 28, 2011


Pinoy Swapping Weekly show soon every Saturday at 10am to 11am at RHTV!  all advertisers are welcome.
For more info please email or call 09175438899.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Barter Exchange with Lloyd Luna ( part 2 )

Barter Exchange with LLoyd Luna

Barter and Exchange (BEX)gave awareness on the fast developing business trend thru bartering at the The 20th Kapihang Entrepinoy

Partners Bart Abaya and Mak Khan of (BEX)Barter EXchange Philippines gave awareness on the fast developing business trend thru bartering at the The 20th Kapihang Entrepinoy organized by the Center for Small Entrepreneurs (CSE) held last July 22, 2011 at the Senden Hall of Asian Social Institute.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Power of Bartering Over the Internet

Have you ever heard the story about Kyle, a guy who traded a red paperclip for a house?

He started with a red paperclip and traded it for bigger and better things until he wound up with a house. You may have heard about him already. Even though he knew it was a silly idea, it kinda turned out to be a big deal. So big that the red paperclip has become his de-facto symbol.

He drew a media frenzy when, in a matter of one year and 14 trades, he bartered his way from a paper clip to a house [source: NPR]. Although he had a lot of help from his local government and some people in show business, his story offers dramatic evidence of today's existing market for bartering. Kyle is one of many people who have taken advantage of the growing phenomenon of bartering over the Internet.

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Thanks to Jane McGrath's article and Kyle's blog

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BARTER..uso na naman ngayon!

"Ang barter ay iSang uRi nG pkiKIpAg kAlakalAn kuNg saan proDukto sa pRoduKto ang pAlitan at hinDi diTo kInakAilanGan nG salApi."

Sa tutoo lang, hindi naman talaga nawala o nalaos ang barter. Lalo pa ngang lumawak ang kalakalan na umiikot sa barter. Ng maglaon ay nauso na kasi ang pera, kumpara noong araw na maaari mong ipapalit ang tanim mong gulay sa manok ng kapitbahay etc.

Isipin mo nga naman, paano mo ipambabayad o ipapapalit sa Mall ang iphone, ipad, laptop, Louis Vuitton, Rolex atbp. na ang dala dala mo pambili o pang barter ay gulay, manok o kalabaw!

Pero iba na ang panahon ngayon..moderno at hi-tech na Madali ka na makipag-swap, exchange deal o makipag barter sa pamamagitan ng internet o sa ngayo'y tinatawag na cyber bartering. Kaya't madali ng makipagpalitan o maibenta ang mga sobrang produkto, "cashless" pa. Kaya ang barter? Uso na naman!

Para sa karagdagang kaalaman at katanungan sa Barter Philippines, tumawag sa 09175438899, o kaya'y mag email sa

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thanks to Jaymi Heimbuch.. 

A few tips on bartering online:
  • Review How Bartering Works: Get to know all the pros and cons of bartering so you're aware of what to expect.
  • Be detailed: Get specific about what it is you're looking for and what it is you have to offer so that you're not pinging interested people for days only to find out it's not a good trade.
  • Consider the value of the trade: What's the market value of what you have to offer or what you're seeking if it were being sold for money. You'll want the trade to even out. And on the flip side, what is the value to you? If it feels like you're making a great trade—even if the monetary values don't align—then it's probably still a fair trade.
  • Don't get stuck on things: Experiences can also be traded. If you're looking to go on vacation, see if the cute little hotel would like your creative writing skills to spruce up their advertising literature. Think about bartering as the primary solution to your needs, not as an alternative, and it'll let loose the possibilities.
  • Be Aware: While bartering brings back the feelings of connection and trust with other people that can get lost when only cash talks, there's definitely the possibility you could get a raw deal. Be aware about the terms of the trade.


Most of the SMEs have issues on promoting their businesses particularly maximizing cash flow, which is a top priority of all businesses.

Today, most of the businessmen are practicing the most basic ( but has been around long before cash )....
Barter,  the exchange of goods and services between parties without the use of cash

Barter could be a small business boon and a solution that lets small business owners operate in a world without money.

For more information on Barter Philippines, call 09175438899 or email

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bex as Guest Speaker at Powermax Consulting Group's High Impact Workshops

Mr. Mak Khan from BEX Barter Philippines, guest speaker at the Powermax Consulting Group's Workshop,  held at Crowne Plaza Galleria, discussed the "Pioneering Barter in the Philippines" at the following workshops: 

WAVE Workshop; May 26,2011; Crowne Plaza Galleria

Increasing Your Convincing Power; May 31,2011; Crown Plaza Galleria 

For free seminars on Barter Philippines, call 09175438899 for booking or email 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CYBER Bartering

I can't help but share this topic on cyber bartering...

Bartering future runs along side the development of internet-based technology and rapid globalization. The internet portal has catapulted the once primitive barter system into a global form of trade, which has been increasingly viewed as the “massive barter economy.”

Internet based barter sites have allowed not only individuals, but also businesses and organizations, to connect on a global scale, breaking down any previous boundaries that may have prevented trade. This new form of internet or “cyber” bartering is more developed than the traditional bartering system, as it does provide for a commonly accepted unit of account or “trade credit.” 

Trade credits hold the future to global bartering, as they help to eliminate the necessity for smaller international businesses to produce the otherwise most commonly accepted method of payment for goods and services.."money". 

It has been argued by the growing global barter community, that future advances in technology will enable the current "monetary system", to be replaced with an advanced bartering system.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Just like the others, there are lots of reasons we could provide you with to convince you to join the BEX Barter Exchange. But, rather than bombard you with facts and figures, we decided to provide you with the top 10 reasons why successful business owners have joined BEX.
1. Greater Profits
Improved profitability is the goal of every business. There are only two ways to improve cash profits: increasing the amount of business or reducing costs. The BEX Barter Exchange can help with both by bringing you new business, which you would not receive otherwise, and by turning that business into goods and services your business needs, thus eliminating an equal amount of cash overhead costs.
2. More Business & New Revenue Sources
The BEX Barter Exchange provides marketing services to ALL members in the PHILIPPINES & surrounding markets. That means potentially new customers you wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to. More importantly, these customers will have a bias to spend their trade money at your business over your competitors because you are a member of BEX. They know that a purchase from you will seed a future new sale for them selves. Why? Because all purchases are paid for by a new sale.
3. Efficient Use of Excess Inventory & Service Time
Every business struggles with the dilemma: what to do with extra inventory or work-hours that could be put to better use. When you join BEX we are committed to finding ways to put that excess to use in a way that benefits your company. Our trade brokers can match you with businesses and individuals looking for your goods and services and, in return, you will have access to goods and services both locally and worldwide.
4. Exceptional Customer Service
The BEX Barter Exchange is committed to excellent customer service. We work hard for the benefit of our members, actively marketing you to other members and pursuing the goods and services you need. We aggressively enforce rules of fair trading to ensure the integrity of your trade transactions. We don't succeed unless you succeed and nobody is better at making trade work for you than BEX.
5. Improves Cash Flow & Provides More Cash on Hand
When you join BEX, you open a new, cash-free way of handling overhead costs. This means that the money you formerly spent on overhead costs can stay in your bank account so that it can be used to expand your business or make needed improvements. Join the BEX Barter Exchange and let us find ways to keep more cash in your pocket!
6. New Discounted Lines of Supply
When you make a purchase using your barter money, it is equal to that of your wholesale cost. So when you buy your investment using your barter money, it is equal to your wholesale cost. Therefore, everything you buy through BEX is like buying at wholesale!
7. Convenient Computerized Bookkeeping
BEX uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you with on-line account balances, histories and monthly statements providing efficient, accurate and convenient bookkeeping for all your trade transactions.
8. New Cash Sales Along with Trade Business
Business owners are leaders and where leaders go, others follow. When the BEX Barter Exchange members purchase your goods and services, it plants the seed for future sales to their friends, family, business associates and clientele. The effect of your membership in BEX is immeasurable.
9. No Accounts Receivable
BEX takes the hassle out of billing. By using our touch tone or on-line authorization system you don't have to worry about collections or bad debt. You are able to process transactions easily and efficiently, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
10. Sales Incentives & Employee Benefits
How can you reward and pamper your employees? BEX has the answer. Through gift certificates and personal accounts, BEX members can provide their employees with much deserved bonuses, commissions and even basic benefits such as dental care without using cash.

Friday, June 10, 2011

BARTER Now in the Philippines

BEX was the guest presentor of Center for Global Best Practices' seminar workshop at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel yesterday.

For more information on BEX Barter Philippines' cashless trade system, please call 09175438899 or visit their website

Thursday, June 9, 2011

EX-DEAL?....BARTER na ang uso! BARTER what you have and get what you need.

Kahapon may kaibigan akong tumawag at nagtanong tungkol sa Barter. May parlor si Sally at sa construction naman ang asawa niya. Maraming sobrang semento, bakal, kahoy na nasasayang kaya't nakikipag "ex-deal" sila sa mga kakilala, mga limang taon na din daw nilang ginagawa ang ex-deal. Sa parlor naman tinatapon na lang ni Sally ang mga natitirang gamot at pag patay na oras ang mga tao niya ay nag fe facebook na lang kaya't tinanggal na niya ang computer sa parlor.

Ito din ang kadalasang nagiging problema ng ibang negosyante. Maraming tapon, sobra, tira, nasisira--kaya sa isang negosyante, kumbaga nakakaiyak at malaking kawalan ang kahit isang piraso ng masayang na paninda o produkto. Kaya nga ba nakikipag ex-deal para masolusyunan ang problemang ito.

Pero paano kapag ayaw mo ang "ipapalit"? Tulad ni Sally, mahilig siya sa spa, travel, gym, shopping, alam mo na, tipikal na babae, at kadalasang ipinapalit sa construction materials ng asawa niya..ilaw, pako, kable, panambak.."anu ba yun!!" ito ang mga kataga ni Sally.

Dito pumapasok ang sistema ng BEX. Ang Barter Philippines na nagpapakilala ng kakaiba at makabagong sistema ng barter, ex-deal o palitan. Maraming miyembro ( walang membership fee ) na pwedeng makipagpalitan sa isa't-isa na hindi limitado o iisa lang ang pwedeng ka barter o ka ex-deal.

Kaya ang dating problema ni Sally, ang mga construction materials at serbisyo/gamot sa parlor niya ay pwede na i-barter o ipalit sa spa, travel, gym, shopping sa iba't-ibang miyembro ng BEX.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon tumawag sa 09175438899, silipin ang website
at sundan ang mga susunod na impormasyon dito sa blog ng Barter Philippines.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Para sa ating dagdag kaalaman...Mula sa Filipino na Wikipedia..

Ang barter ay ang palitan ng paninda na hindi ginagamit ng pera o salapi. Karaniwang ang bagay na kinakalakal o pinagpapalitan ay kasinghalaga ng halaga sa salapi, subalit walang ginagamit o walang pagpapalitan o suklian ng perang nagaganap, mga bagay lamang. Samakatuwid, palitan lamang ito ng kalakal o palitan ng paninda

Monday, June 6, 2011


Being amazed on barter, most of my friends nowadays are busy helping me - making time to browse online and grab or share some topics about barter.  There is this one topic on barter, too bad my friend doesn't know how to share the link!  Here it goes..

With the current popularity of barter exchanges and the constant development of the internet, many websites are now offering services bartering related to the online public. There are many benefits to using online services bartering, for both businesses and consumers. The internet brings a wider range of product offerings, as there are no distance limitations to those who choose to advertise their services.
Those who want to take advantage of services bartering goods on the internet simply need to sign up for the trade exchange websites. In some cases, there may be a sign up fee involved or a commission paid to the exchange company for each transaction. Once a means of payment is provided, usually the user can start to take advantage of the service.
When the account has been set up and verified, then trading can commence. They can begin to search through ads from others using services bartering or they can place their own ad for goods or services they want to offer in trade. Interested users can contact each other through the service and make offers and counteroffers for things that they have in their bartering inventory.
When using services bartering, it is imperative that you follow the rules that are laid out by the exchange group. Failure to adhere to policies or to follow through on agreed upon trades will likely result in your removal from the group. Online services bartering are a great way to find goods and services without paying out of pocket for them.


RCBC Plaza Makati City
June 22,2011
8:30 - 5:00 p.m.
 by POWERMAX Consulting Group, Inc.


JUNE 29,2011
1:00 TO 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Anu ba ang "barter"? Sanay na tayo sa sagot na palitan!, swap!, exchange deal!
oo nga, palitan, mula pa ng sinaunang panahon pina praktis na ang ganitong sistema. Palit ang manok sa gulay..palit ang damit sa gamit...pero "one-on-one" o kaya ay direktang "barter" yun.

Sa tradisyunal na palitan, lalo na't "one-on-one", palit mo ang cellphone mo sa wallet ko. eh, paano naman pag ayoko ng wallet mo??? Sigurado, walang "barter" na mangyayari.

Sa ngayon iba na ang "barter". Mas malawak na at makakapili ka ng gusto o kailangan mo talaga. Ito ang ginagawa ng BEX Barter EXchange Philippines. (OO! Meron na sa Pinas ng Barter!) Maraming miyembro mga lehitimong negosyante o entrepinoy mula sa iba't-ibang industriya. Depende sa negosyo, mayroong P25,000 hanggang P250,000 panimula na tinatawag nilang "credit/barter/trade money/points" na itatakda sa bawat miyembro.

Ganito ang sistema ng Barter Philippines:

1. Ang negosyo "A" ay makikipag "barter" o bibili kay negosyo "B".

2. Gagamitin ng negosyo "B" ang "credit/barter/trade money/points" na nakatalaga sa kanya, MABABAWASAN ang "credit/barter/trade money/points" sa halagang iba "barter" o pambibili niya kay negosyo "A".

3. Ang negosyo "A" naman ay HINDI kinakailangan na palitan kay negosyo "B" ang binili sa kanya at malayang mkipg "barter" o bumili kahit na ibang miyembro. Bukod doon ay masaya si negosyo "A" dahil NADAGDAGAN ang "credit/barter/trade money/points" niya dahil kay negosyo "B".

4. Ang negosyo "B" naman ay kinakailangan na may makipag "barter" o bumili sa kanya upang madagdagan na naman ang "credit/barter/trade money/points" niya muli.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon silipin ang website ng barter philippines sa
o mag email sa Pwede ding tumawag sa 09175438899


How huge the barter industry today is.....

My good friend emailed me yesterday. I guess being so curious about barter made him research online and here's what he huge the industry of barter is..

In the United States barter is a $6 billion industry. The majority of this business is done through local area barter exchanges scattered throughout the country.

Barter allows businesses to buy the goods and services they need - without spending cash. In a barter exchange the business members buy what they need and pay for it with what they have. The barter exchange is the third-party record keeper. The exchange helps the transactions to happen and creates a currency system so that trades do not have to be direct or one-to-one.

Bartering allows a business to make purchases it would otherwise not have been able to make if the business had to spend cash. If your company has excess inventory, extra time, space or services, barter is an excellent way to move those goods or services. Barter brings new customers and additional income that can be spent with other barter members to conserve cash.

A Barter Exchange serves as third-party record keeper - like a bank. Barter exchanges use a currency called barter or trade dollars. Businesses buy and sell in the network using barter or trade dollars.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How does BEX Barter EXchange works?


1. What is BEX Barter EXchange?

BEX is a service oriented trade exchange company in the Philippines that facilitates bartering of goods and services among local businesses to increase their sales, cash flow and profit with the use of Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money as a medium of exchange. BEX functions primarily as the organizer of a marketplace/platform wherein members buy and sell products and services among themselves.
2. How does BEX Barter work?

BEX Barter members use Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money instead of cash to do business together. A member is given an account and it works similarly to a debit or credit card. Members earn Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money when they sell and use Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money to buy products and services they needed for their businesses. Members can use their Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money for payment in hotel rooms, resorts, restaurants, advertising, printing and many other goods and services in the network. BEX is a third party record keeper and acts as an administrating body of each transaction. Members receive a monthly statement reflecting their sales, purchases and current balance.
3. What is the value of a Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money ?

1 Philippine peso = Credit/Barter Money/Trade Money