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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CYBER Bartering

I can't help but share this topic on cyber bartering...

Bartering future runs along side the development of internet-based technology and rapid globalization. The internet portal has catapulted the once primitive barter system into a global form of trade, which has been increasingly viewed as the “massive barter economy.”

Internet based barter sites have allowed not only individuals, but also businesses and organizations, to connect on a global scale, breaking down any previous boundaries that may have prevented trade. This new form of internet or “cyber” bartering is more developed than the traditional bartering system, as it does provide for a commonly accepted unit of account or “trade credit.” 

Trade credits hold the future to global bartering, as they help to eliminate the necessity for smaller international businesses to produce the otherwise most commonly accepted method of payment for goods and services.."money". 

It has been argued by the growing global barter community, that future advances in technology will enable the current "monetary system", to be replaced with an advanced bartering system.

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